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If you wish to get in touch with Ricard Terré for any matter regarding his work, availability to participate in exhibitions or photographic shows, or whatever question related to photography in general, please feel free to use the information on this page.
Ricard Terré *NOW* has his own e-mail address. You can address your messages to rterreREMOVETHIS@ricardterre.com.

Ricard Terré is represented by "AGENCE VU", one of the most prestigious fine art photography agencies in the world:

Contact Person:
D. Christian Caujolle (e-mail: vuREMOVETHIS@abvent.fr)

17 Boulevard Henri IV
75004 PARIS (France)

Tel. +33 (0) 1 53018585 • Fax +33 (0) 1 53018580

AGENCE VU will gladly assist you in the purchase of original artwork by Ricard Terré.

Laura Terré, Ph.D., is the author of the most complete analysis of the "AFAL" group, which has been the theme of her thesis. She will definately be able to answer your questions about Ricard Terré's work. You can find her at lauraREMOVETHIS@terrealonso.com.

If you prefer a different form of communication, here you will find a list with postal, telephone, and FAX information necessary to contact Ricard Terré.
e-mail rterreREMOVETHIS@ricardterre.com (Ricard Terré)
lauraREMOVETHIS@terrealonso.com (Laura Terré)
webmaster (Carlos Terré)

"snail" mail
(postal service)
Mr. Ricard Terré
Plaza de Compostela 25, 5
36201 VIGO

Telephone & FAX+34-986-431-651

Note: when you send a FAX you will get a voice response; let your FAX beep for a while and then hung-up; allow for 2 or 3 minutes for the FAX machine to be turned on and retry.

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